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Ready to look in the mirror?

360 degrees feedback tools are powerful. There's no "one size fits all" because organizational cultures are different, and each system might require a different approach. What the approaches described below have in common is that gaps between a self analysis and the feedback from the leader's system (direct reports, peers, supervisors, friends) are identified as basis for executive development.

Over the last years, we have worked with these approaches:

  • The Leadership Circle (TLC): This 360 degrees tool is based on a series of stages of development that many researchers have described: Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilliga, Lovinger, Maslow, Hall, Fowler, Jacques, Beck, Torbert, Cook--Greuter and last but not least Robert Kegan and Ken Wilber. This is probably the most powerful feedback you ever got on your own develompent. TLC can be used for individuals and for team culture assessments.
  • The PROFILOR from PDI Ninth House. This 360 degrees tool provides feedback and development focus and paints a comprehensive picture of the specific skills needed to enhance performance. It can be very helpful in creating a develompent culture in organizations.
  • Fully customized 360s approach with stakeholder interviews, with or without online questionnaires.